West Hume Cancer Network Service Planning Initiative

Goulburn Valley Health in collaboration with Hume RICS commissioned a review of cancer services in the West Hume region along with a service planning initiative for the West Hume Cancer Network.

The aim of the Service Planning Initiative was to:

  • Increase accessibility to cancer services by people in the catchment, including diagnostic services, clinical services and clinical trials
  • Increase the capacity of the West Hume Cancer Network to provide services to residents within its catchment, by aligning and enhancing physical capacity, human resources and skill bases
  • Reduce patients’ need to travel to access the range of oncology and supportive services by increasing the range of oncology and supportive services and service models provided by the Network
  • Increase patient choice based on early and effective provision of information and by effective management of service transitions
  • Enhance the sub-regional focus on staff capacity-building, recruitment and retention
  • Enhance the capacity of health services within the Network to collaborate for safe and high-quality service delivery based on shared protocols and a commitment to reduce unplanned variation.

A number of recommendations were made with the aim of enhancing the cancer service system in West Hume. These include:

  • Develop a regional cancer centre at Goulburn Valley Health
  • Implement a sub-regional collaborative model across West Hume
  • Implement a shared model of care and a common information system architecture across West Hume
  • Develop linkages and support a research agenda

Goulburn Valley Health and Hume RICS are continuing to work to address these recommendations to improve cancer services across the West Hume network.

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