Victoria’s Cancer Action Plan highlights the government-led drive in the fight against cancer across a number of priority areas for action.

The Integrated Cancer Services across Victoria are tasked with implementing the plan in close collaboration with health service professionals and those affected by cancer.

Priority Areas

  • Supportive care is an umbrella term used to refer to services that may be required by those with cancer, their family and carers.
  • Care coordination is a comprehensive approach to achieving continuity of care for patients. This approach seeks to ensure that care is delivered in a logical, connected and timely manner so that the medical and personal needs of the patient are met.
  • A key to improving cancer survival is consistent implementation of evidence based care. Hume RICS participates in a number of audit activities conducted at both local and state levels.
  • One third of cancer deaths in Australia are from preventable causes. Some of the most common cancers have been found to be associated with smoking, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, physical inactivity and UV exposure.
  • Research in cancer is an essential component of identifying new preventative techniques, developing new and improving existing screening programs, improving diagnostics and developing new cancer treatments.
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