PET Scan Project

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) plays a key role in determining the most appropriate management of some cancers.

Integrating PET studies into regional multidisciplinary models.

PET scans are currently recommended for colorectal, head and neck, lung and upper gastro-intestinal tumours.

As there is no PET scanner in Hume RICS, patients are required to travel to Melbourne for PET scans.

Clinicians from NEMICS and Hume RICS identified a need to establish a process to ensure regional clinicians have access to the latest evidence-based information regarding the use and interpretation of PET scans, timely and efficient provision of electronic PET scan images and establishment of storage processes that allow regional clinicians suitable access to PET scan images.


This project aims to:

  • Improve the availability of the scan images to regional cancer specialists, including surgeons.
  • Provide a nuclear medical physician to the gastro-intestinal multidisciplinary meeting in Hume RICS.
  • Provide education for regional clinicians on the use of PET scans in cancer care.
  • Improve the information for patients about PET scans.
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