Oncology Nurse Practitioner Project

The project aims to develop a Nursing Practitioner model of care and advanced scope of practice. The role will enhance existing oncology services provided to patients on the Border.


In September 2010, Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) was successful in securing funding from the Victorian Department of Health (DoH) as part of the Victorian Nurse Policy Project (VNPP) round 4.5 (2nd round). Funding is to support the establishment of a Nurse Practitioner (NP) model by a dedicated Project Officer for the service including development of the following deliverables which are to be submitted to the DoH VNPP by July 2011:

  • Identifying an effective and sustainable NP model
  • 5 year plan for NP model/service
  • Appointment of NP candidate
  • Confirmation of NP candidate and log summaries
  • Budget Acquittal (model development funds)


Proposed Model of Care

The position will be based in the Albury Campus Oncology unit working as a member of the oncology team in collaboration with Border Medical Oncology. There will also be the potential for out reach services including a phone consultation service to more remote health services which would include communities & health services of the origin of patients. It is clear that the NP role is a collaborative one with strong foundations in evidence based advanced nursing clinical practice. The role will complement the care provided by other health professionals, enhancing the services provided by AWH, based on a patient centred shared care arrangement involving the local treating medical oncologist (MO) in order to reduce inpatient admissions and increase access to specialist medical oncology services for patients on the Border by providing:

  • Troubleshooting for patients with symptoms or deteriorating between appointments
  • Symptom and side effect control
  • Proactive follow up of patients flagged by MO according to predetermined protocols
  • Planned periodic review of patients identified by consultants with predetermined criteria
  • A key resource for patients with complex chemotherapy and complex patients who require extra support such as complex social issues
  • Rapid response to oncological emergencies
  • ED support for patients transferring to MVPH
  • Facilitate family conferencing
  • Proactive management of patients post discharge, especially clinical support for GP's re-establishing care post treatment
  • Management and intervention for CVAD blockages
  • Facilitate PICC insertions
  • Formal links and building partnerships to various agencies, in particular Palliative care
  • Oversee nurse management of Oncology inpatients
  • Future Paediatric oncology involvement


Project Progress

An Oncology Nurse Practitioner Steering Committee has met regularly since February 2011 to develop the model of care and advanced scope of practice in consultation with key stakeholders. The next step in the project plan is to recruit a suitable Oncology Nurse Practitioner Candidate and our communication and marketing strategy is now being implemented.


For any further enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact:

Paula Fraser Service Improvement Facilitator - Border/East Cancer Network

Hume RICS (Regional Integrated Cancer Service)

107 Hume Street Wodonga, Vic, 3690

P:02 60575202


The position will be based in the Albury Campus Day Oncology unit, working in collaboration with Border Medical Oncology on a patient centred shared care arrangement.

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