Care Coordination

Care coordination is a comprehensive approach to achieving continuity of care for patients. This approach seeks to ensure that care is delivered in a logical, connected and timely manner so that the medical and personal needs of the patient are met.

In the context of cancer, care coordination encompasses multiple aspects of cancer care delivery including multidisciplinary team meetings, psychosocial assessment and the provision of required care, referral practices, data collection, development of common protocols, information provision and individual clinical treatment.

The three strategic directions that guide the development and implementation of initiatives for achieving coordinated cancer care in Victoria are:

  • Strengthening information sharing, where links are made between care providers and between health care events (e.g. electronic information transfer)
  • Improving cancer service delivery, where services are delivered in a complementary and timely manner (e.g. shared treatment protocols)
  • Building relationships, where links are made between past, current and future care (e.g. agreed key contact for patient).
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